Intensive Courses

GT Driving School offers intensive courses to fit all levels of ability

No Experience

If you have no driving experience, you are likely to need 30 - 40 hours of lessons before taking your test. This can be over just a few weeks or over a longer period

Some Experience

If you have some experience, the hours required will be determined by having a 1-hour assessment lesson. We will then be in a position to quote how many lessons you may need and how much they may cost.

Test Fees

The quote you will be given can include Theory and Practical Test fees charged at the DVSA stated rate - NO EXTRA CHARGE

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Automatic Drivers

We also offer Intensive Driving Lessons for automatic drivers

Intensive Driving Lessons

Get Your License Faster with Intensive Driving Lessons

Learning to drive through Intensive Driving Lessons is an ideal way of passing your driving test in the shortest space of time possible. It enables the learner to be more focused with the minimum of other distractions from their business or personal life.

Intensive Driving Lessons are not for everyone. Many people like to take a break between lessons to get on with their lives or just find it impossible to take a large chunk of time out of running a home or business.

Intensive Driving Lessons should be carefully managed and timed as driving tests need to be booked well in advanced. The delay will be determined by the time of year, test centre popularity and examiner availability. The booking delay can range between 1 and 10 weeks.

The advantage of Intensive Lessons

The advantage of this lesson is that everything that has been learnt by the driver is still fresh in the mind. There is little forgetting and little need to recap lessons.

In conventional lessons, a large part of the time used is getting to and from the learner’s home and test area. On a 1 hour lesson, this could equate to as much as 35% of the lesson time.

With Intensive Driving Lessons, the pupil is learning to drive for 4 or more hours at a time, so the proportion of time travelling from location to location is greatly reduced. More time can be spent on individual aspects of driving with the learner being able to practice features for longer.

Often, pupils pick up certain aspects of driving easier with Intensive Driving Lessons and more time can be devoted to practice, rather than learning.

Tailor Your Lessons

Intensive Driving Lessons don’t have to be full-on 8 hour days within one week. They can be tailored to the individual driver’s availability, planned around other important personal or professional matters.

GT Driving School will help plan the Intensive Driving Lessons to make the most of the time an individual has available. An initial assessment lesson will determine the current level of driver ability and the amount of hours required. Additional hours can be built into the plan if necessary.